Where Oh Where have I been? George Cabin

Penned on the 17th July 2019

Where Oh Where have I been? George Cabin


Our Head of Marketing delved into the depths of Devon to live out her dreams of a hot tub in the treetops, and George Cabin is a pretty close match - a treehouse cabin tucked into a steep bank that has views through the canopy and a hot tub on its high deck.


  • There’s a hot tub. In the trees
  • It’s a treehouse cabin for two!
  • Surrounded by nature
  • Woodland walks along a stream
  • The owner goes above and beyond


Katie says:

'I’ll admit it, there’s a concern with treehouses that they’ll be dark and mouldy and covered in bits from trees, or you’ll awaken a childhood fear of heights. But there’s no such concerns at George Cabin. Securely anchored in the sloped edge of a field, it’s surrounded by trees planted below, giving you the elevated feeling of a forest fairy but with none of the sway when it’s windy.

This place is solid. And so well thought out – the attention to detail is immediately apparent but you spot more little touches as you go; hand crafted door handles, bits of tree made into coat hooks, bespoke plumbing, the perfect amount of adornment. The beautiful wood panelling adds to the atmosphere and feels cosy and warm when the temperature drops (time to test your innate fire building skills in the woodburner!) and the big bed is really comfy with views through the trees from the window at your feet.

But enough of inside, it’s the outside that this place is all about. If you prepare carefully, you can stay in the hot tub and stare at the stars while a gentle breeze rustles the trees and not move until you’re worried the wrinkled fingers are permanent. I recommend going for a walk, though. The attention to detail isn’t confined to the cabin. Spot the characters guarding the path from the car park, the fairy lights leading the way after dark. A wander through the meadows, along the track that takes you to the stream, through the trees past a small quarry and then the owner has put out blue arrow markers to take you on a circular through her grounds – you’re sure to spot all manner of wildlife, or at least look out for the tracks of the magical stag (ok, it might just be a deer, but that hoof print was huge).

Take a picnic. Take your camera. Take your time.'



King Cabin (left) & George Cabin (right) sit up on a steeply banked meadow, surrounded by trees.

Tree cabins 

Seeing the wood in the trees:

George Cabin in the trees

Follow the blue arrow trail:

Blue arrow trail

Spot the hoof print:



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