Outdoor activities for all the family

Penned on the 21st February 2019

Outdoor activities for all the family

Fully embrace the great outdoors with these games and activities, perfect for all the family to enjoy on a glamping holiday. After all, what's better than a dose of good ol' fresh air...

Sandcastle building 
Of course we had to start with the old classic – sandcastle building. Find a beach (which luckily isn’t hard to do in the West Country!), grab a bucket and spade and you’re all set. This will keep the kids entertained for hours while the grown-ups get to enjoy some well-deserved sunbathing. 

Get creative with rocks and seashells
Carrying on the beach theme, why not collect a couple of rocks and/or shells for a bit of arts and crafts, creating a piece that will fondly remind you of your holiday and the fun times you had. If you’re lucky enough to be staying near the Jurassic Coast, you may even find some fossils!

‘Hide and seek’ and ‘tag’
Two games that will never get old and are certain to wear the kids out before bedtime, the wide-open spaces of fields along with trees and hedges etc make for great fun. 

One for all the family to join in on, all you need to source is a bat and ball – you can use anything on-hand as the bases (maybe clothing or shoes etc or even twigs and sticks). Perhaps the team that wins gets to choose what’s for dinner and/or the loosing team has to do the washing-up!

Scavenger hunt/nature walk
Whether along the coast, fields, woodland or moorland, take a walk on the wild side and hunt for nature. Before you head off, write a list of animals, plants, bugs etc that you may spot and tick them off as you go (a magnifying glass may come in handy when hunting for bugs!).

Foraging for hedgerow berries and more
What better way to get back to nature than this? Woods and hedges are great places to find edible plants and berries, whether you eat them straight up or use them to make jams, pies, crumbles or cordials (or perhaps gin for the adults!). Make sure you forage safely and responsibly though; the Woodland Trust has some really handy guidelines that can be found here.

Gather around the fire-pit
End the day by gathering around the fire-pit whilst toasting some marshmallows, looking back on the day’s events and making exciting plans for the next day…what could be better?

Get out there, you won’t regret it – happy outdoors-ing! 


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