Glamping family fun: switch off and reconnect

Penned on the 3rd March 2017

Glamping family fun: switch off and reconnect

Don’t you just wish you could turn off the WiFi, get away from the screens and escape from the stresses of everyday life in the great outdoors?

Reconnect as a family with a stay in a super safari tent, a cute little pod, a hideaway wagon or an upmarket yurt – what they all have in common is fresh air, tranquillity and a get-away-from-it-all sense of good old-fashioned fun. After all, how long is it since you played a board game by candlelight, followed an animal track through the woods, made a rope swing or listened out for the hooting of an owl? Take our word for it: glamping with kids is great. 

Pet friendly glamping - toddler and spaniel in play area

You could fly a kite, throw some jumpers on the ground and play football or rounders, do a bit of bird watching, make daisy chains, forage for hedgerow berries, play animal I spy, or simply lie in the grass and spot shapes in the clouds. As dusk draws near, collect some sticks, build a campfire and gather round. Now’s the time for telling tall stories while watching the stars come out. Our top three campfire cook-ups? It has to be sizzling sausages, jacket spuds (wrapped in foil and cooked in the embers) and, of course, toasted marshmallows. If you’re feeling adventurous, go one step further and make baked camembert, skewered chicken or American-style s’mores – gooey marshmallows squished between Rich Tea biscuits and a layer of melted chocolate. Yum.

Family friendly glamping - toasting marshmallows on a fire

What to pack for family glamping? Easy. Torches, of course (head torches and glo sticks are fun for little ones), a multi-tool or pocket knife, wet wipes, insect repellent and citronella candles, plastic bags for muddy/dirty clothes, wellies and waterproofs (because you never know), ice blocks and water bottles for outings and – most essential of all – a spirit of adventure. At the end of the day, if your kids are tired and grubby, perfect. They’ve had a great time (and we offer hot showers ensuite anyway…). You know what? It’s the best family holiday. Ever.


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